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It’s a good day. Even on my good days, I’m finding myself being restricting. I walked before work for the 2nd day in a row AND I’m going to shake and sway tonight which will burn almost all the calories I eat today. I gained back 5lbs over the past few months and have stayed at a plateau with that weight but now this week is 2 days in and I’ve already lost 3 pounds. I am determined to lose again like I did last spring because I can’t stand feeling this huge.

This entire week looked like an epic relapse. Today all I ate was a piece of bread. Tomorrow, I know won’t look any different, nor will the rest of the week. If I bring a protein shake and fruit purée for lunch everyday to work, I will get by with 500 cals or less everyday (minus Wednesdays unless I go walking before MC). Honestly wish I still nannied just because it was so much easier to restrict and stay busy plus I had a treadmill to walk on everyday. But I’m tired of the plateau.. I’m ready to lose again. Hopefully as rapidly as I did last time.

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